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Terri's Story

There are a lot of words that describe Terri Daniels. Single mom. Desert Storm veteran. College graduate. Educator. Employee.

Food stamp recipient.

Despite working a full-time job, Terri has found it impossible to feed her two kids. Her wages just weren’t enough after all the monthly bills. For a long time, she was anxious and desperate about her family’s future, constantly worrying where the next meal would come from. “I thought I did everything right. I served my country. I’ve got a degree. I don’t have any debt,” she explains.

Terri didn’t think she had anywhere to turn, until she met the Foodbank’s SNAP Outreach Coordinator, who helped her apply for and receive a Link card to augment her monthly food budget.

She was so excited to get her SNAP (food stamp) benefits that she immediately went to the grocery store and filled up her cart with fresh fruits and veggies. They’d been too expensive, and she was relieved to finally have healthy snacks for her kids.

Like so many others, Terri never imagined she’d need help getting food on the table. Also like so many others, it was difficult for her to accept the help at first. “I don’t want to be on this assistance forever, but this is a season in my life when I need the help, and I’m glad to have it.”

We love Terri’s story not because it’s exceptional – on the contrary, it rings all too familiar. We love it because it beautifully exemplifies what food assistance programs like SNAP and food pantries are designed to do: help struggling families during their “season of need.”

And what better way to end her story than with this: nowadays, Terri is volunteering to help the Foodbank’s SNAP Outreach Coordinator get help for others.