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Faces of Hunger

Hunger affects a diverse group of people. Clients seeking help from the Foodbank’s agencies and programs include older adults, children, the working poor, single-parent families, and the newly unemployed. To a family in crisis, Foodbank programs provide a little hope and support during a difficult time.

These are the stories of real families in your community that have found help and hope at Foodbank agencies and programs. We are profoundly grateful to them for their willingness to share these personal experiences.

Connie Williams
Connie is a former nurse who had to stop working because she lost her eyesight. We met her at Grace Lutheran Church’s food pantry, where she told us how “heartbreaking” it’s been for her to be forced into early retirement–and unable to make ends meet. “I thought I’d be working in nursing my whole life. I never thought I’d be here.” Read Connie’s story.

Rodney Wilkins
Rodney is a resident of the TIMES Center, Champaign-Urbana’s transitional housing facility for men. He tells us about his home life growing up, his fight for his life during a bout with pneumonia after living on the street, and how he came to be homeless. Read Rodney’s story.

Tonya & James Prince
The proud parents of 6 kids, Tonya and James know how to stretch a dollar. Their small SNAP (Food Stamp) benefit they receive each month generally gets spent in one shopping trip, and they struggle to keep basic household items in stock like towels and soap. Read Tonya & James’ story.

Terri Daniels
Terri, a Desert Storm vet, works a full-time job but couldn’t feed her kids. Now, she is getting help from food stamps thanks to EIF’s SNAP Outreach Program. Read Terri’s story.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Submit it via email to marketing(at)eifoodbank.org or call us at 217-328-3663.